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Technology advances at a rapid pace, and all industries are affected. No longer are locksmiths confined to installing and repairing conventional key-based locks; now they are responsible for handling smart locks as well.

Smart locks once had a reputation for being less-than-ideal as security was sacrificed for the sake of convenience; no longer. Locks have now fully entered the digital age and are extremely impressive for both their convenience and security.

There are literally thousands of choices for smart locks, and unfortunately most are poorly made. So how do you choose the ideal smart lock? Why, you rely on the experts, of course!Greene Locksmiths are able to recommend the ideal smart lock for you, depending on your unique situation. All you have to do is contact them, and you’ll be well on your way to extreme convenience coupled with high security.

Greene Locksmiths have a variety of smart locks: basic code-only entry locks, which do not connect with smartphones via wifi or bluetooth; locks that integrate with your alarm system, using z-wave or zigby protocols, or home automation network via wifi or bluetooth; or locks compatible with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Simply choose which smart lock is ideal for you. To obtain a clearer understanding of the available locks, lets explore them in greater detail.

Basic Digital Locks

With a basic digital lock, you may enter your home without a key by using a code instead. You may create multiple codes for different people.

Digital Locks for Smarthomes and/or Siri, Alexa and Google

These smart locks include all the functions of a basic digital lock, but so much more. They are compatible with wifi and can be integrated into your existing smarthome. In case of of failure, they include a key override function. You can lock and unlock them anywhere using a dedicated app for your smartphone. You can produce an audit trail of who entered your home or business at precisely what time, receiving alerts on your smartphone. This function is great for tracking kids returning from home, providing you not only with data, but with reassurance. Furthermore, digital locks allow you to create a schedule for nurses, nannies, cleaners, and other help so that they can only enter the premises at authorized times. This allows you a greater sense of order and security.

Access Control Locks for Enterprise and Multi-Unit Housing Solutions

This type of smart lock boasts many benefits: it utilizes cloud-based software, ensuring that you never lose any data; the accompanying software is extremely intuitive and easy to use; it covers an unlimited amount of doors; it requires key card or fob entry; and it creates schedules to allow users access at certain times (for example: tenants can only access the pool from 8am to 10pm).


Why settle for anything less than the utmost convenience and security? Contact Greene Locksmiths for your ideal smart lock today! Locks have now entered the digital age, and some products are really quite impressive both for convenience and security.