Garage Door Accessories

Looking to revamp your garage door and need the proper locks and accessories? Greene Locksmiths offers many residential locksmith services. Green Locksmiths works on all the peripheral equipment around your garage door. That means that we do not install the door or the motor, but will help with all the locks and hardware around the door. Here are some of the products and services we offer:

Locks for Non-Motorized Doors

We can provide you with the garage door rim locks. This is the type of lock that you would see in the center of the garage door with a small T-handle underneath it. Turn the key and it releases the handle which you then turn and roll up the door with. We also have lockable T-handles. This is the type where the key hole is directly in the T-handle.

Locks for Non-Motorized and Motorized Doors

If you need interior side locks, we have those too. These are the type of locks you may have seen on the inside of a garage door. When closed, you can slide a lever over. This shoots a locking bar out into the rail of the garage door, preventing somebody from lifting it up.

Locks for Motorized Garage Doors

Are you looking for the utmost security and convenience? We have a number of options for your consideration. If you have lost or broken your original garage door remote, we can provide a new, fully-functional substitute, or multiple remotes, if desired. Regardless of how old your garage door is, we can install a digital keypad outside. This provides both security and convenience. Likewise, we offer a smart garage door kit – truly the ultimate in security and convenience. With this option, you can add your garage door to your wifi network, allowing you to open or close it from wherever you are located. Expecting a delivery, but not at home? No problem. Our smart garage door kit allows you to accept deliveries while you are away.


We at Greene Locksmiths can service a variety of garage door makes, including Lifemaster, Linear, Allstar, Pulsar, Lynx, Craftsman, and more.


If you are in need of residential locksmith services for your garage door, contact Greene Locksmiths immediately. We can help you with just about anything. Need a basic lock installed or replaced? We’ve got you covered. Need to integrate a state-of-the-art smart garage door kit ? We can make that happen too. Whatever your needs, we are only a phone call away.