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Greene Locksmith has spent the last 30 years helping the Montreal Community with the installation, maintenance and repair of their locks and handles. During that time, we have responded to our fair share of people in distress locked out of their home, office, car, or other. The one thing each individual has had in common is a sense of embarassment and disbelief, how did this happen to me? Well today we are here to tell you, it HAPPENS TO EVERYONE, even us! We hope you enjoy a few short annecdotes of true stories that we have seen first hand, and maybe then you'll begin to understand...its not just you!


Greene Locksmith Loses an Apprentice

Some years ago we had an apprentice working for us gaining some hands on experience while finishing up his locksmiths school. One morning on his drive in, he stopped about 1-2kms from our office at a local depanneur. We are all known to have hazy mornings, and sure enough this day was no exception for him. As he returned to his car, he relocksmith locked outalized that he had accidently left his keys inside his car, along with his cell phone. Unable to call for help himself, he returned into the depanneur to ask to use the phone. The logical thing to do at this point would be to call for help first, then call your employer to notify them of your delay, however when your employer IS the help you require, this should be a no-brainer. We aren't sure if it was a moment of poor judgement, or intentional neglect of not wanting to admit to a locksmith while being a locksmith working for a locksmith that you have locked yourself out, whatever the reason, Mr. Apprentice opted not to notify us, or ask us for help. Instead, he called a relative to bring him his spare key...from Laval...during morning rush hour. We called several times on his cell phone, which he couldn't answer, and then tried his home number who confirmed he had left on time almost 2 hours ago! So we spent the rest of our morning worried about the young man and hoping he didn't find trouble on the way in. A very timid student walked in about 3 hours late and told us his story and it has stuck with us since.

There is no shame in being locked out...but make the call!


Fishing in a Parking Lot?

Rushing around with children is a good enough excuse to lose your head, but for a locksmith of almost 10 years, locking your keys in your car is not acceptable. As the tilte suggests, it happens to everyone. So there I was in the parking lot of a big box store locked out of my car with my wife and kids. I could see my car key sitting comfortably on the drivers seat, mocking meFishing for Keys with a Barbie Fishing Rod as I stared at it through the window. The store was closing in 10 mintues so I made a quick decision and ran inside. I purchased a small pry bar and the cheapest fishing rod and hooks I could find, which just so happened to be branded with Barbie colors and ran back outside as they closed up. Now I need to be clear, if you care about your car DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS it will scratch your car and bend the frame and you will here the wind rushing in on the highway. Seeing as I didn't care about this car I continued anyway. Using the pry bar I was able to pull back the top edge of the drivers door, insert a folded up piece of cardboard from the fishing rod package to keep it ajar, and then attempted to fish the key out. My beautiful supportive wife's confidence in me never waivered as she watched me fishing...of course that may have been because she phoned CAA while I was in the store and knew it wouldn't be long before she was back in her car. It might have been nice of her to tell me this though, because I must say standing with a barbie fishing rod in the middle of a parking lot fishing for keys as a tow truck pulls up is surprisingly not a great feeling. I then lost what was left of my pride while I watched the CAA driver retrieve the keys with ease using the same tools that I would have used had I had them with me.

Well, at least the kids had fun.


I Need Ice Cream NOW!Door Full of holes

This is a true story about one of our clients who was locked out of a door in their basement and thought that it would be easier to try to get in himself rather than call us to unlock the door . This young man took a drill to the door hoping to be able to drill a hole large enough to reach inside and open the door from the inside.  Not a bad idea, except this door had a double cylinder lock with a keyhole on either side of the door! OOPS. He then proceeded to continue drilling more holes in the door hoping to eventually...well actually I'm not sure what the intention was. Regardless, have a look at the end result when were we finally contacted. When asked what prompted him to need to get in so badly, he informed us that the ice cream was stored in a freezer in this room, in my opinion, that is a good enough reason!


The Car Is Still Running

haircutIt was a beautiful, hot and  sunny summers day,  when I accidentally locked my key in my Dodge Caliber Service vehicle. I was on my way to bring some keys to Michael who was getting his hair cut at what was once Pascha Coiffure on Decarie. I pulled over in a no parking zone, thinking I was only going to be there for a couple of seconds, and of course I got locked out! All my car opening tools are inside the vehicle and I was certainly too embarressed to call another locksmith. I went into the salon with a disturbed look on my face, "Michael, I locked myself out of the car in a no parking zone, the car is running and my tools are inside." We knew that we had to react quickly and also had no tools to help us! Michael jumped out of the barber seat and immediately got to work. He asked the salon for a wire coat hanger which he took to the car but in order to get the wire through the locked door, he used a small tree branch and a rock found in the field next to us. He then proceeded to tie a white flag to the branch and broke the window with the rock...Rewind: Of course not! He used the branch and rock to carefully pry back the door just a little to allow the coat hanger to enter the vehicle and eventualy unlock the door.


Locked out Because of the Royal Wedding

One of my favorite annecdotes happen to a very sweet lady. She called us after-hours as she was locked out of her High Security Medeco Lock. She waRoyal Weddingited patiently on her doorstep and waited for me to drive to the office, cut her a spare key, and then drive to her house to rescue her. On arrival, she sat on her stoop with her purse on her knees like the classy lady she was. I got out of the car and she explained to me that she came home that day, and dug through her purse only to discover that her keys must have fallen out of her purse at some point during the day. I proceeded to validate her identity, and hand her the new key we had just made, when I noticed there was a set of keys hanging from the lock in her door! Sure enough these were the lost keys. It turned out she had left them in her lock that morning when she left for the day, and they sat there comfortably all day waiting for her to come back. Unfortunately, when she couldn't find her keys in her purse she neglected to look at her lock and sat on her stoop all that time a few feet away from her lost keys! Then, she uttered what is to this day the best reason for being locked out I have ever heard. "You might think I'm senile, but the truth is I'm simply exhausted. I stayed up all night watching the royal wedding and havn't slept since yesterday." How can you not love that!?

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