Your Montreal Residential Locksmith

Greene Locksmiths have been installing locks and hardware for the Montreal residential community in the west end since 1988. Over the past 30+ years we have expanded our service area from the west end to include the entire island of Montreal, the entire island of Laval, the south shore from Boucherville to Chateauguay as far west as Rigaud and Dorion, as far east as Repentigny and even up north to Sainte-Adèle. We are thrilled to have been serving the greater Montreal area for so long and want to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for the exceptional relationships we’ve created and maintained over the years. We are and always will remain Your Residential Locksmith

Greene Locksmiths offer a wide range of residential locksmith services that go beyond unlocking doors and installing locks. Of course we have emergency response if you are finding yourself Locked-Out of your home, but Greene Locksmiths do so much more!


Lets begin with your main doors, where we install and repair locks, deadbolts, rim locks, high security locks like Medeco or Mul-T-Lock or Abloy, we install and repair electric strike buzzer systems for upstairs duplex situations. Greene Locksmiths install stunning new door handles with Emtek or Baldwin, or more economical brands like SchlageWeiser and Dorex. We have a full line of digital smart locks and coded entry locks and we even have child proof locks to keep your little ones safe. Still in the front door area, we offer peripheral hardware like solid brass address numbers, draft reducing mail slots, beautiful door knockers, elegant brass electrical doorbell buttons and wireless doorbell options to replace faulty doorbells. Ready to make your door beautiful? We are! 514-484-0284

Garage Door Accessories

Did you know Greene Locksmiths are capable of working on your garage door? We have a full product line by Liftmaster which allows us to add a garage door keypad to your existing system, adding extra remotes for the car, programming your car’s button to your garage door and yes, we can even give you an app on your phone to open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world! Ready to book? Call 514-484-0284

High Security

MedecoMul-T-Lock and Abloy all have terrific products to provide you with the best high security options on the market today. What are the advantages of a high security lock? For starters they are all highly pick resistant and highly bump resistant, some even are pick proof and bump proof. That means these locks can not be bypassed without severe damage to the door or frame, impossible for someone to sneak in without you noticing. Secondly, they all offer key control which means you stay in control of who can duplicate your keys. Lending a key to a ‘friend’ or contractor is much safer because you can be certain no copies are made without you knowing about it. Each lock offers an array of features to help make your lock more robust and able to withstand brute force attacks, drill deflectors also protect vulnerable areas from drill attacks. Most importantly, high security locks offer frame re-enforcement products anchored directly to the stud work to ensure your frame is as solid as the lock. Need more information? Ready to book? Our technicians are always ready and willing to serve you. 514-484-0284

Freshen up

If your key has been compromised, we are here to help. Perhaps you have had your wallet or purse stolen and your keys were inside, perhaps you let someone borrow your keys and now are regretting it, maybe you’re just moving in and need to keep your costs down, whatever the reason, the solution to refresh your security is simple. Greene Locksmiths will open your lock and change the combination of pins inside to knock out all former keys and issue a new one. This is a cost-effective way to ensure the old key is knocked out and freshen up your situation. Make your appointment today! 514-484-0284

Electronic and Coded Entry Locks – Smart Homes

The 2020’s are here, and there is no doubt that moving forward digital locks will be playing a huge role in our industry. Today there are literally hundreds of options, each offering a unique way to link your lock to your network. Like anything some options are good and some aren’t, it is nearly impossible to navigate all these options on your own, but don’t fret, we are here for you! The main thing to understand is what features you need out of your digital lock, and what you do not. We have locks that simply operate with a code and nothing further, some connect to the internet to be operated by smart phone, some connect to your alarm system or to your smart home system and some of course do all of the above. Features are nice but they come with cost, we guarantee to be able to match your needs with a lock that is right for you! Call us now. 514-484-0284

After Break-In Repair

Greene Locksmiths have a full line of re-enforcement plates and repair options if you find yourself the unfortunate victim of a break-in. Often times after a break-in the door is unable to be locked. If you find yourself in this situation, Greene Locksmiths will find a way to secure the door until the door can be replaced. Although we hope to never need to respond to break-ins, we are prepared to at a moment’s notice and always available at 514-484-0284>