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Commercial Glass Doors

Most Montreal Commercial Storefronts are using glass doors with aluminum framing, and Greene Locksmiths are fully equipped for these doors. Historically, the manufacturer of most glass door hardware and locks is Adam’s Rite. Today Adam’s Rite are still around and continue to make quality components for Commercial Glass Doors. We carry a full line of Adam’s Rite hardware including, deadbolts, dead-latches, exit levers, push bars and of course the famous push paddle! If you need to replace or repair you glass door product, call us at 514-484-0284.

Many stores have upgraded the basic ViroYale or Adam’s Rite cylinder with high security Medeco or Mul-T-Lock cylinders. This gives the store owner control over key duplication so they can feel comfortable lending the key to their employees without fear of having that key be propagated. Ready to secure your business? Call now 514-484-0284

Greene Locksmiths also handle peripheral equipment on these doors such as automatic door closers. A good quality door closer will ensure your door closes and latches every time regardless of wind or temperature outside. Remember, even a single drop of oil (hydraulic fluid) visible on the closer is an indication your closer is leaking, the component should be changed as soon as possible before the door starts to slam. Need a new or better door closer? We’re standing by 514-484-0284

After many years of service, the aluminum hinges that support these glass doors begin to wear down and the door begins to sag. After a while, it will rub on the threshold or frame and make the door squeaky, difficult to open, or prevent a successful closing all-together. Greene Locksmiths offer Select Continuous Hinges to alleviate this issue. They come with a very long warranty from the manufacturer and with this product we are able to re-hang the door and ensure locking in a reliable way. Find out if your door could use a Select Continuous Hinge 514-484-0284

Among our diverse commercial locksmithing services, Greene Locksmiths are now capable of installing automatic door operators to allow for handicap access. A door operator is also a great solution in high traffic areas to reduce wear on your commercial door as well as providing assisted access for those who need it. These systems can work as stand-alone units using the handicap access button to operate, or, they can be tied into your card access or intercom system as well. Great for the front door of large condo or apartment buildings. Call now for your free consultation 514-484-0284

Interior Doors for your Office Space

So you’ve already had Greene Locksmiths take care of your perimeter doors, now you’re wondering if we handle interior office space doors? Of course we’ve got that covered too. Inside your office space we supply and install commercial levers and knobs, yes in the standard satin nickel finish but most are also available in specialty finishes as well. Shiny brass, oil rubbed and now even black are options to make your office space visually stunning for your clients and employees. We can create and maintain master key systems giving you access everywhere, and limiting access to your staff. Why should your accountant need access to the server room, or your director of sales to the office of your human resource manager? Keep your staff where they belong and avoid corporate espionage. 514-484-0284

Even better than a physical master key system would be an electric card access system. There are some serious advantages to using card access that outweigh the novelty of having one. With a keyed system you can limit who has access to which rooms, and it is no different with a card access system, however now you can also monitor who enters which rooms and when they do so. Access control systems are equipped with full audit trail so you can track down the last person to enter a room before an ‘event’ took place. It is not about trust, remember, honest people do not mind if you watch where they are going. Card Access helps you attract honest staff in the first place, and what owner doesn’t want that. The other major advantage is to be able to remove access of a card at a moments notice. If your employee loses their card or fob, simply delete it from the system and issue a new fob to the employee. The rest of your staff are not affected and your system continues to be operational. Imagine having to re-key your entire office and change everyone’s key instead? Card access keeps your business secure, operational, efficient and practical. Call today to see what system works for your business and get started! 514-484-0284.

Other Products of Interest

Greene Locksmiths supply and install safes for commercial settings. We have cash-skimming depository safes that allow your cashiers to deposit cash into the safe, without having access to take anything back out. This allows a manager to pass by once every so often and remove the collected cash with their manager key or code, and keeps the amount of exposed cash limited in case of theft or hold-up. We also supply and install heavy duty fire and burglary safes for high security needs. Call us now for more information 514-484-0284

For vulnerable storefronts, Greene Locksmiths offer custom made-to-size steel window grills to prevent smash and grab attacks, and steel accordion grills for the doors. These options reduce the amount of time would-be thieves have. Seeing as they generally sit inside the business, it means that the window needs to be broken, or the door pried open, triggering the alarm before the perpetrator can start attacking the steel grills. Book your assessment today 514-484-0284

Finally Greene Locksmiths offers a service to cut lost keys for filing cabinets. Simply retrieve the number stamped on the filing cabinet lock and we can attempt to create a key for you. As you can see, filing cabinets do not offer high security protection, so for those filing cabinets containing sensitive materials, we offer a surface mounted locking bar that you can secure with a high security key to ensure protection against snooping. 514-484-0284