But, in the event of a new wave,

At Greene locksmith, the safety and security of our clients and technicians is of utmost importance.

In the event of another lockdown, you want to be assured that you can count on your locksmith should situations warrant a repair, reinforcement, lock-out or key change. You will be pleased to know that our physical shop/office will be open Monday-Fridays from 10AM-1PM and will reopen on a full-time basis when Health Canada permits us to.

Since the government of Quebec declared our service as essential, our On-Road locksmith service is still booking appointments for both residential and commercial work. No non-essential work will be scheduled until the situation improves. Rest assured that we have put together a protocol to help keep all involved as safe and as distanced as possible. Once at your home, our technicians with sanitize their own hands, and clean up after themselves.

If you do not require a service call, here are some services we can offer you:

1- You can order key by calling the office at 514-484-0284 or send us an email Will begin processing your order within 1-5 business days.

2- Try our Self-Serve High Security Key Order Module here:

and for automotive keys:

We accept Visa, Mastecard, Debit, Amex and eTransfers for payment once the job is completed and payment terminals will only be handled by your locksmith. For any other questions or concerns, Call us at 514-484-0284