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Montreal Institutional Locksmith  

Whether you are part of a Municipality, Bank, Police department, Community center, school, hospital, senior’s residence or CLSC, Greene Locksmiths is sensitive to the needs of the institutions that surround them.

Presently, Greene Locksmiths handles all the security needs for the City of Hampstead, City of Cote St.-Luc, and The Town of Montreal West. We prepare detailed master key systems that play a very important role in the administration of all three City Halls. We also service the libraries, arenas, pools and recreation centers of these municipalities.

Senior homes are omnipresent in Cote St.-Luc therefore we keep very busy making sure that our valued seniors are as safe as they can be. We install hotel safes in their closets in order to keep their personal things safe.

We are presently security consultants to the MUC police department (station 14) helping them when more information about security must be presented to the public. We will continue to serve our community with pride and with a conscious effort to improve every aspect of our operation, always!

Commercial Locksmith Services we offer:

  • master key systems
  • locked key cabinets
  • gate locks
  • padlocks that are keyed the same
  • we cut keys for the fleets of trucks

  • we make keys for filing cabinets by code if possible
  • door closers
  • grilles and accordion gates
  • panic bars
  • access control

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